Become a Monthly Donor

With a minimum monthly donation of $50, you can request to be connected with a youth.


All monthly donations help provide the funds for:

  • food

  • housing

  • medical needs

  • clothing

  • education

  • staff salaries

At your request we will match you with a youth. You can look forward to receiving your Youth Connection Package!

**Please be advised that ALL donations go to the maintenance and daily cost of running our project which makes it possible for us to keep growing our "family" and sponsoring more youth.

Please note that we are always looking for monthly donors of ANY amount to help with unexpected expenses and future projects.

CLICK HERE for more information.

special occasions:

If you have requested to be connected with a youth, you will be sent an email before the following events to find out if you are interested in making contributions towards these special occasions.

Birthday Surprise

Christmas Present

Back to School Shopping

Tax Receipts are issued annually from GCF.

**NOTE**  The Great Commission Foundation (GCF) charges a fee of 10% of your donation. This amount has been included in your donation.